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With its top-notch colleges, diverse cultural experiences, and top-notch education, the UK is a popular choice for international students. The UK offers a distinctive setting for learning and development, with its beautiful landscapes and historic cities. 

With so many alternatives to choose from, the UK can help you achieve your academic objectives and interests, whether you’re looking for an undergraduate degree, postgraduate program, or English language course.


History Of Higher Education In United Kingdom

In the UK, the history of higher education is one of rich tradition and profound change. The Church of England is credited with founding the first universities in the eleventh and twelfth century at Cambridge and Oxford.

These establishments continued to be strongholds of exclusive Catholic education for centuries. That was, however, until a period of radical upheaval began in the 19th century. 

As secular alternatives, new universities such as University College London arose, welcoming students of all religions.

In order to fulfill the demands of an expanding economy, large industrial cities also gave rise to the “redbrick” universities, which concentrated on science, engineering, and practical skills. 

The 20th century witnessed additional growth, with the 1963 Robbins Report suggesting a large rise in student enrollment. As a result, numerous new polytechnics and universities were established.

Today’s UK higher education system is more diversified than ever, offering a greater spectrum of students access to both vocational colleges and esteemed research schools.


TOP 10 Cities Of The United Kingdom (UK)

Taking into consideration elements like population density, historical relevance, and tourist attractions, the following ten UK cities are highly recommended for travel:


No.1 London

London, the capital of both England and the UK, is a global city with an abundance of historical sites, museums, and cultural activities.

Top 10 Universities in London and their Study Programs


Please note: This table provides a general overview. Each university offers a wider range of programs across various disciplines. It’s recommended to visit the university website for a complete list of programs.


Science, Engineering, Medicine, Business Rank 1

Arts & Humanities, Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Social & Historical Sciences Rank No. 2

Economics, Political Science, Law, Social Sciences

Arts & Humanities, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Natural & Mathematical Sciences, Social Science & Public Policy

 Engineering & Materials Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Law, Medicine & Dentistry, Natural Sciences

 Arts & Humanities, Law & Social Sciences

Arts, Design, Humanities, Social Sciences

 Arts & Humanities, Business, Law, Life Sciences, Social SciencesAccordion Content

Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Design & Engineering, Health & Life Sciences, Law & Criminology

 Art & Design, Business, Engineering, Health & Life Sciences, Science

No.2 Edinburgh



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