The Best Behind The Ear Headphones of 2023

Behind The Ear Headphones

Use behind the ear headphones if you want to totally immerse yourself in your music or don’t like the feeling of earbuds in your ears. Over-ear pairs typically generate better sound than their in-ear counterparts of comparable price due to the larger drivers compared to those in earbuds.

Numerous behind the ear headphones, including coby wireless headphones Bluetooth, conventional wired, and noise-cancelling models, have been put to the test. With links to our in-depth coverage, this page gives a summary of our top over-ear recommendations from our numerous headphone hook guides.

How To Shop Beats Over Ear Headphones

One size does not fit all when it comes to headphones for big heads, both literally and practically. When looking for the “best” over-ear headphones, there are several things to take into account. The following are important inquiries that you ought to ask yourself:

Wireless or wired? In general, wired headphones on head perform better while costing less since they place more emphasis on functionality and design than on add-ons like Bluetooth. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about charging a battery when using wired behind the neck headphones

Nevertheless, a lot of individuals adore the independence and convenience that beats wireless headphones red offer. Particularly now that smartphone headphone hook connectors are phased out. Consider a pair that can operate both wirelessly and wired if both connection options seem attractive. But careful to check to see if any functionality is disabled in cable mode.

What will you do with them?

Or do you have a particular purpose in mind, such as travel, exercise, watching TV, working from home, or playing games? While some Beats over ear headphones excel in everything, others excel only in one area.

 Do you use your microphone mostly for music or for calls and video chats as well? A headset with a boom mic can be the best option for use in the workplace and when gaming. Do you need waterproof or waterproof best bass headphones while working out?

best bass headphones

How long does the battery last? Do you keep your coby wireless headphones devices charged often, or do you require beats wireless headphones red that can be used for extended periods of time without needing to be plugged in?

Do you favour an on- or over-the-ear style?

A key component of total headphone hook enjoyment is comfort. A smaller, on-ear style can be preferable for people who wear glasses because larger, over-ear versions often put less pressure on your ears and muffle sounds more effectively.

 Selecting between closed-back behind the ear headphones that block out noise and open-back over-ear headphones that can generate a more natural sound is also a good idea if you’re searching for headphones for small heads with a stronger audiophile focus and open, airy sound.

What are the control choices (and how simple are they)? Do you prefer physical buttons or touch-sensitive pads for controlling the power, volume, track skip, and other similar functions? If at all possible, we advise you to test both types of controls before making a purchase. How significant is voice control, and are you committed to using Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant exclusively?

All purpose best wireless headphones for glasses

Considerations for the best coby wireless headphones for glasses wearers include comfort, sound quality, and compatibility with eyeglasses. Here are some options to consider:

These over-ear headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, are renowned for their outstanding noise cancellation and comfort. The plush ear cushions might not obstruct eyeglass frames.

Another strong contender for sound quality and noise cancellation is the Sony WH-1000XM4. They fit well and can accommodate glasses without becoming uncomfortable.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

These headphones for small heads include well-padded ear cups that should accommodate spectacles and provide a high-quality audio experience.

Comfort, sound quality, and compatibility with spectacles are factors to take into account when choosing the best beats wireless headphones red for those who wear glasses. Consider these choices instead:

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II behind the neck headphones are recognized for their exceptional noise cancelling and comfort. It’s possible that the plush ear cushions won’t hinder eyeglasses.

Another great alternative for noise cancellation and audio quality is the Sony WH-1000XM4. They are lightweight and may accommodate glasses without becoming cumbersome.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones for big heads include well-padded ear cups, so users should be able to wear eyeglasses and still enjoy high-quality sound.


Some monster headphones have headbands that adjusted to help you find the ideal fit and reduce discomfort brought on glasses.

brookstone headphones


Because they don’t rest directly on the ears or temples, over-ear the headphones on head are typically more comfortable for people who wear glasses.

Noise Isolation or Cancellation: Active noise cancellation can lessen the need to increase volume, making listening more comfortable.

Bluetooth Stability

To avoid audio dropouts, make sure the headphones for small heads you select have a solid Bluetooth connection.

Test Before Buying

To ensure that the brookstone headphones are comfortable for extended listening periods, try them on with your glasses if at all possible before making a purchase.

Who this is for

The JBL Tour One M2 is a terrific option if you want a convenient and durable Beats wireless headphones red listening experience because of its intuitive design, comfortable fit, and long battery life.

Why we like it

The sound is terrific right out of the box, and the EQ options in the JBL app can be used to enhance it even further. The battery has a high life expectancy of 30 to 50 hours, and it recharges swiftly. 

The always-listening Alexa and Google Assistant features allow for voice control, and Apple users may access Siri with a single button press.The built-in microphones of the M2 significantly minimise wind and background noise, ensuring clear phone calls even while the user is on the go. It also allows dual-device connectivity. Additionally, this pair has an IPX5 designation for water resistance.

We wish the physical volume buttons were larger because the controls are too sensitive. However, these flaws are not dealbreakers. The noise-cancellation settings can be automatically adjusted by JBL based on your surroundings or how much sound is leaking in. But we decided to disable that feature since we found the real-time changes to be unsettling. Much like how your ears pop when a plane lands.

30 to 50 hours of battery

lifeOne-year warranty

Best Wireless On Ear VS Over Ear Headphones

According to your comfort level, listening preferences, and personal preferences, you can choose between on-ear and Beats on. Here are the main variations between the two:

On-ear headphones are typically more compact and portable. They are simpler to carry around and take up less room in your bag.

They are typically more portable than Bose on ear headphones, making them better suited for prolonged use.

Beats wireless headphones over ear frequently have a semi-open design that lets some background noise through. In circumstances where you need to be aware of your surroundings, this can be helpful.

Bose headphones over ear‘ comfort levels can differ. Due to the pressure they put on the ears, some people find them comfortable, while others may endure prolonged discomfort.

Headphones over the ear:

Sound Isolation: Bose on ear headphones usually offer superior passive noise isolation because of their larger ear cups. Which enclose the ears and block out more outside noise.

Sound Quality: Larger drivers and more room for acoustic design are common features of Bose headphones over ear, which can result in superior sound quality and a more immersive listening experience.

Comfort: Over-ear the headphones for big heads are typically thought to be more comfortable for prolonged usage, particularly for people who wear glasses. They lessen pressure on the ears and more evenly distribute the weight.

Active noise cancellation technology is found in many high-end Bose on ear headphones, and it can further improve your listening experience by obstructing undesirable background sounds.

Bass Response: Because of their larger drivers and sealed construction, Beats over ear headphones frequently have superior bass response.

Long Listening Sessions: Over-ear Beats headphones wired are perfect for prolonged listening sessions, such as those that take place while working or travelling, due to their comfort and excellent sound quality.

Ultimately, your personal preferences and intended use will determine whether you choose on-ear or Bose on ear headphones. Over-ear headphones might be a better option if comfort and immersive sound quality are your main requirements, especially if you wear glasses. However, behind the neck headphones can be the best option if portability and a lighter construction are essential.

Who this is for: If you work in an open workplace (or a packed home office). The Sony WH-1000XM5 white headphones are a good option to consider because they are excellent at muting noises around you.

Why we like it: We adore these behind the ear headphones for their secure fit. Effective noise cancellation, crystal-clear microphone audio, and useful extras like the voice-activated awareness mode.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 has stronger isolation. Which is more successful at blocking higher-pitched and rapid sounds like dog barking, coffee shop noises, and human speech. Despite the Bose 700’s active noise cancellation performing better on lower-pitched, prolonged sounds like aeroplane noise.

The microphones on these over-ear the headphones for small heads are efficient at minimising background noise during phone conversations and video meetings, and they are comfortable enough to use all day.

Flaws but not deal breakers: Although this pair of Blue Beats headphones‘ tuning isn’t perfect right out of the box, with a little time and effort put into modifying the equaliser settings in the app, these headphones on head can sound fantastic. The active noise cancellation isn’t quite as good as our top ANC recommendations for use on aeroplanes, as was already highlighted. The XM5 is not water-resistant; however, it can tolerate a small sprinkle of rain.

Finally, Sony states that the battery can last up to 38 hours at most. But in our tests, we were only able to get 24 hours of gameplay with ANC turned on. This is still above-average performance. Especially given that the quick-charge feature allows you to use the device for three to five hours after only charging it for ten minutes.

24-hour battery

lifeOne-year guarantee

Best Over And On-Ear Headphones For Kids

Unlike over-ear headphones, which enclose the ears, on-ear headphones rest directly on the ears. Consider the following important factors while choosing Beats wireless headphones over ear:

 On-Ear Headphone Benefits

Portability: Compared to Bose on ear headphones, Bose headphones over ear are typically smaller and lighter. They are great for travelling or commuting because they are lighter and easier to carry around.

Breathability: Because on-ear heyday headphones don’t entirely cover the ears. They can improve ventilation, which lowers the risk of overheating during prolonged use.

Being aware: Many Beats wireless headphones over ear‘ semi-open designs let some ambient noise into your ears. This can be helpful when you need to stay alert to your surroundings. Such as when you’re strolling down a crowded street.

On-ear headphones can be comfortable for some users, especially if the headband and ear cups are well padded. Additionally, folks with smaller heads or those who find Bose headphones over ear excessively bulky may find them to be a better fit.

Less Sound Leakage: Compared to open-back over-ear headphone cord extension, heyday headphones often have less sound leakage. As a result, when listening at higher volumes, you won’t be as likely to annoy others because less sound will be escaping from the monster headphones.

headphones for small heads

Factors to consider and drawbacks

Comfort for Glasses Wearers: Beats wireless headphones over ear can be comfortable, but with time, glasses wearers may feel pressure from the pads of the behind the neck headphones on their ears and glasses frames.

Noise Isolation: In comparison to Bose headphones over ear, on-ear brookstone headphones often offer less noise isolation. This can make it more difficult for you to fully concentrate on your music or drown out background noise.

Sound Quality: Although some on-ear the headphones on head have excellent sound quality. They can have slightly less clear audio than over-ear models due to their smaller drivers and less isolated construction.

Durability: Over time, on-ear headphone cord extension may be more susceptible to wear and tear due to the exposed aspect of their ear cups.

Beats wireless headphones over ear are a good option if mobility, breathability, and the ability to remain aware of your surroundings are important to you. However, you might want to think about Beats over ear headphones if you’re seeking better sound isolation, higher sound quality, and enhanced comfort for people who wear glasses.

Who this is for: Kids headphones for small heads are designed to fit smaller heads (generally, children between the ages of 2 and 12). And the finest ones have a volume-limiting feature to safeguard the hearing of young children who frequently use Blue Beats headphones.

Why we like it: We recently broadened our coverage of children’s headphones for big heads to include a selection of over- and on-ear suggestions for various applications. We recommend the Puro BT2200 set for regular music and video listening, the Puro Quiet set for travel (due to its effective active noise cancellation), the JLab JBuddies Play behind the ear headphones for online learning and gaming (with a built-in, extendable boom mic), and the Onanoff BuddyPhones Explore (for toddlers) and JLab JBuddies Studio coby wireless headphones (for elementary-aged children to tweens) for their affordability.

Headphones With Volume Control

When trying to replace the cheap earbuds that came with your phone with better ones, there is one characteristic you should make sure your new headphone cord extension have. the ability to control volume without searching for your phone or other device.

As a result, we decided to put together this review to help you make your choice. Obviously, volume control is just one factor to take into account. Take a minute to read through our buyer’s guide to become acquainted with the additional things you have to be on the lookout for.

Since every pair of monster headphones on this list has a separate volume control, keep these things in mind as well.

Comfort Having volume control and excellent audio is amazing. However, the overall experience will suffer if your white headphones are not pleasant to wear for long periods of time.

To ensure a suitable fit for your head, make sure your headphones on head feature a good adjustable headband. The headband should also thickly cushioned for comfort during extended wear.

The ear cups should ideally wrapped in a soft, breathable material and have lots of padding.

The less discomfort a headset will produce after extended usage, the lighter it is. Go light if you can.

Audio Excellence

When shopping for the best behind the ear headphones, sound quality is likely the top factor on most buyers’ lists. In order to ensure that all the models in our assessment have remarkable realism, we have gone above and beyond.There are a few things to think about, such as:

Background noise can damage your listening experience. Use active noise cancellation (ANC). An important feature to think about if listening in noisy surroundings is behind the neck headphones with active 

Noise cancellation (ANC).Driver size: The louder you can listen without any undesired distortion, the larger the drivers.

Headphones With Volume Control


If your new headphone cord extension break after a year, there’s no use in spending a lot of money on them. As a result, be sure the equipment you choose has the longest warranty available. A longer warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s increased faith in the durability of its product.

Additionally, carefully read the product descriptions. Businesses that have increased lifespan are typically keen to brag about it.

A battery’s life

Obviously, wired models don’t have this problem. However, battery life is crucial for those who are interested in Beats wireless headphones red technology. For the relevant Blue Beats headphones, we have provided the battery life at a full charge in our evaluation. Likewise, observe how long it takes for them to recharge.


Other than volume control, there are numerous other useful aspects to take into account. Do you need a coby wireless headphones connection, or are you ok with a reliable wired connection? Does portability bother you at all? Are foldable white headphones and a carrying case available? Can the sound modified using equalisation settings? All are valid inquiries.

Headphones That Don’t Mess Up Hair

Sound quality, comfort, durability, and style are all important considerations when picking the best  brookstone headphones. The impact they have on hair is one aspect that commonly disregarded.

Numerous white headphones can tangle our hair, which is frustrating and detrimental to our image. But don’t worry, for the world of technology has come to your aid with a selection of headphones for small heads made specifically to maintain the beauty of your hair. Consider some dewalt headphones that won’t tangle your hair.

With specific features and materials that lessen the likelihood of hair entanglement, hair-friendly Blue Beats headphones let you listen to your favourite music without sacrificing your hairstyle. Let’s look at some well-known heyday headphones that won’t damage your hair.

There are a few choices to think about while looking for behind the ear headphones that won’t tangle your hair:

On-Ear Headphones: By resting on your ears rather than covering them, Bose headphones over ear might lessen the stress placed on your hair. Although there may still be some flattening, it usually happens less than with Beats over ear headphones.
Bone Conduction Headphones: With bone conduction heyday headphones, your ears are not at all covered. Instead, they use the vibrations in your skull to convey sound, mostly ignoring your ears and hair. But be aware that the sound quality might not be as good as with conventional white headphones.

True coby wireless headphones earbuds are small, light, and don’t wrap over your head or press against your hair. They are also completely beats wireless headphones red. They barely obstruct your hairstyle as they rest in your ears.

Slender Headband Headphones: Look for monster headphones with flexible, slim headbands. Compared to dewalt headphones with thicker, more rigid headbands, these bose headphones wire may not have as much of an effect on your hair.
Using Headphone Accessories: To put something between your hair and the white headphones, you can also use headbands, scarves, or other hair accessories. This can lessen the flattening of the hair.

The effect of dewalt headphones on your hair may vary depending on your hair type, how long you wear the headphones for big heads, and how snugly they fit. Keep in mind that everyone’s hair is unique. To select the brookstone headphones that are most comfortable for you, it is a good idea to experiment with various designs and materials.

In the end, even though these solutions may lessen the effect on your hair, it’s difficult to entirely rule out the chance of some flattening or disruption, especially if you wear behind the neck headphones for an extended amount of time.


I want to wear headphones, but I don’t want to spoil my hair.

White headphones, Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days Make sure your bose headphones wire aren’t too tight to begin with. Additionally, it’s a good idea to take them out sometimes and avoid using them for long periods of time. To stop the headphone cord extension band from pulling on your hair, you can also think about putting it around your neck or behind your head.

Which headphones work best with glasses?

 How to Wear headphone cord extension While Wearing Glasses There are three different kinds of brookstone headphones: over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear (sometimes called earbud) Blue Beats headphones. They don’t come into contact with the frame of the glasses. Earbuds far the best option for people who wear spectacles.

Can you wear headphones with glasses?

Of course, in-ear bose headphones wire work best with glasses because they don’t interfere with each other, even if you wear the wire over your ear. Only earhook earbuds are likely to result in small problems.

How can I adjust my glasses so that they fit my ears better?

Apply a little baby powder behind your ears to lessen friction and any moisture that can cause irritation if your glasses are irritating your ears. If you find yourself pushing your glasses up all the time, the hinges may simply be a little slack.

Are over-the-ear headphones more comfy than on-ear ones?

It’s harder to carry around in your backpack or jacket because the ear cups are much larger than with on-ear headphones. Bose on ear headphones are more comfortable to wear for a prolonged listening session because they don’t press against your ears.

How do you wear glasses and hearing protection?

You should broaden your earmuffs if they are constricting you severely. Don’t forget to wear a frame with a smaller lens. The area rubbing against the skin will be smaller when wearing lenses with a small frame. This makes sure that the pressure put on the temporal bone and ear tissue is not extremely intense.

What advantages do over-the-head headphones offer?

What distinguishes on-ear bose headphones wire from over-ear headphones? Your ears are covered by Beats over ear headphones. This will reduce background noise, which is good in busy places like the office and public transportation. Additionally, because of this, you won’t need to significantly raise the level, which benefits your hearing.

Which is more advantageous, over-ear or in-ear?

The majority of over-the-ear Blue Beats headphones are often more comfortable to use than earbuds, in addition to preventing sound from directly entering your eardrums. Fortunately, once your volume exceeds dangerous levels, the majority of apps and devices contain some kind of warning.

Can I go to bed with over-the-ear headphones?

Sleeping using bose headphones wire is only an option if you’re willing to spend money on two sets of over-the-ear monster headphones and lower-quality sleep aids if you’re determined to get ready for your next sleep cycle the volume while wearing them. Dr. Pavlovich Ruff advises being cautious about how loud your loudness is and how it fits.

How do I adjust the headphones’ volume?

The switch is typically located next to the headphone hook jack. Additionally, confirm that the default output device on your music player is set to behind the ear headphones. The volume on your music player can also be changed in the settings to make your heyday headphones louder.

Are there volume controls on earbuds?

While typical wireless earbuds with an audio cord connecting two earpieces include integrated volume controls. True wireless earbuds have touch-sensitive or conventional buttons on their housings.

Does loud music harm earbuds?

However, excessive loudness is dangerous for your bose headphones wire as well as your ears. Can heyday headphones be damaged by loud volume? Yes, because loud volume causes your monster headphones‘ drivers to overheat and risk burning the driver coils. Once it does, drivers will suffer damage and have a shorter lifespan.


There are a few options to think about if you’re seeking behind the ear headphones that won’t tangle your hair as much. Beats wireless headphones over ear , bone conduction brookstone headphones, cordless earbuds, and headphones for big heads with thin headbands are all possible options that could not have a significant effect on your hairstyle. Additionally, employing accessories like headbands or scarves can help prevent hair flattening by putting a barrier between your hair and the behind the neck headphones

But be aware that individual outcomes may differ depending on your hair type and how long you use the headphones on head. These options can help to some extent reduce the issue. Even if it’s difficult to totally eliminate the possibility of hair disturbance.



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