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Level 2: Amazon Affiliate Marketing 6 In 1

“Amazon Affiliate Marketing 6 In 1” is a comprehensive course designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of affiliate marketing using Amazon’s platform, coupled with strategies for leveraging major social media channels. The course is divided into six modules, each focusing on a different aspect of affiliate marketing and its integration with popular social media platforms.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Module:
    • Learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing through Amazon’s Affiliate Program.
    • Understand how to create and optimize affiliate links.
    • Explore strategies to choose profitable products and niche markets.
    • Dive into effective ways to promote Amazon products through various channels.
  2. Facebook Organic Marketing Module:
    • Harness the power of Facebook for affiliate marketing.
    • Explore techniques to create engaging and converting content.
    • Learn to build and manage a dedicated affiliate marketing community on Facebook.
  3. Instagram Organic Marketing Module:
    • Explore the visual appeal of Instagram for affiliate marketing.
    • Learn to create compelling content and utilize Instagram Stories.
    • Understand the use of influencers and collaborations for affiliate promotion.
    • Master the art of crafting an attractive affiliate marketing profile.
  4. Pinterest Organic Marketing Module:
    • Leverage Pinterest’s visual nature for effective affiliate marketing.
    • Learn to create eye-catching pins that drive traffic and conversions.
    • Understand the importance of boards and how to optimize them.
    • Explore strategies for integrating Amazon affiliate links seamlessly into Pinterest content.
  5. LinkedIn Organic Marketing Module:
    • Tap into the professional network of LinkedIn for affiliate marketing.
    • Learn to position affiliate products within a business context.
    • Explore effective communication and networking techniques on LinkedIn.
  6. YouTube Organic Marketing Module:
    • Discover the power of video content for affiliate marketing on YouTube.
    • Learn how to create engaging and informative product reviews.
    • Understand YouTube for better visibility and reach.
    • Explore monetization options on YouTube through Amazon affiliate links.

Throughout the course, participants will receive practical insights, case studies, and hands-on exercises to apply the concepts learned. By the end of the “Amazon Affiliate Marketing 6 In 1” course, participants will have a well-rounded skill set to effectively promote Amazon products across various platforms and maximize their affiliate marketing success.

Documents: ID Card Copy, Passport Size Photo, Minimum Education Matric, Only For Gurjanwala Residents. 

Registration Fee: 10000 Pkr (Before Earning)

Training Fee: 25000 Pkr (After Earning)

Last Date To Apply: 10th March 2024

Duration: 2 Month


1st Batch 10AM To 11AM Friday And Saturday Batch Is Full 
2nd Batch 3PM to 4PM
Friday And Saturday 15 Seats are available.
3rd Batch 6PM to 7PM Friday And Saturday 19 Seats are available.

For Registration: Contact 03167221808

Or Visit : Greenzay , Shafiq Center Sandwich Junction Building, Near Doctor Saucy, Mumtaz Market, GT Road, Opposite Chase Up Gujranwala

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